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Samsung Range

Economical cooling and heating (1kW per hour - 9000 BTU model) Silver Nano-coated filter and evaporator not only traps microscopic dust particles but also kills fungi and removes unpleasant odours

Samsung Max

Efficient Samsung Inverter technology cuts electricity consumption by as much as 40% compared with conventional airconditioners

Samsung Max Inverter

Designed for more powerful cooling The new triangle design with a bigger fan and higher outlet angle enables a 14 meter airflow. A 60% wider air intake means that more air is discharged. 30% larger blades effectively distribute air.

Samsung Max Inverter Light

Ultra-slim body permits installation above ceilings in a space of as little as 24.5cms in depth. Auto Changeover maintains preset room temperature no matter how much outside temperature varies.

Samsung Cassettes

Ideal for mounting over the entrances of shops, restaurants etc, Alliance Air Curtains are available in 3 different widths and can be mounted side-by-side for wider entrances.

Samsung Air Curtain